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National Property Consulting & Management, LLC

National Property Consulting & Management, LLC (NPC&M) was founded in December of 2008. William Johnson (Bill) , its managing member, has over 26 years of construction experience as well as almost 10 years of engineering experience. Bill spent several years working for various contractors before joining a large grocery retailer in New England as the Manager of Engineering. After spending almost 10 years with the grocery retailer, Bill joined a national real estate developer developing retail centers, office complexes and industrial facilities nationally.

NPC&M has several years of experience in store / facility / program development, due diligence, project permitting, civil design and overall building design. NPC&M understands the importance of each phase of the overall process along with the need to complete each in a thorough and timely manner.

NPC&M is well versed and experienced in energy conservation and reduction. NPC&M believes in the proper design of each facility incorporating those methods that make the most financial sense while adhering to the budget. NPC&M also has the knowledge and experience to evaluate an existing facility in an effort to identify all potential energy improvements that can be adopted.

NPC&M can research, implement and manage a national account program for its clients. A national account program brings consistency, minimizing the numbers of vendors, volume discounts and overall cost savings to a clients program.

P.O. Box 131 Mont Vernon, NH 03057
Phone: 603-490-3692                              Fax: 603-386-6076
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