Cultivation/Greenhouse Facilities

Constructing Commercial Greenhouse Facilities for 

Small Craft to Large Scale Cultivation Facilities & Dispensaries

New England Commercial
Cannabis Grow Operations

The Cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace and there are no signs of a demand shortage. The commercial grow houses supporting the high demand are not your typical green houses. Built on an industrial scale with advanced cooling, air control & irrigation systems and tightly controlled building envelope that is more in line with a pharmaceutical facility. The technology and equipment available to outfit cannabis cultivation facilities is advancing and changing rapidly and NPC&M works with you to understand your strategic business plan, and unique growing needs to ensure your greenhouse will be built to deliver smooth running operations.

Commercial Greenhouse Construction - Cannabis

Experts in Commercial Greenhouse Systems & Construction

NPC&M has managed the construction of several commercial greenhouses. We know the success of the cultivation operation depends largely on the design, construction, and mechanical systems in place to ensure a tightly controlled environment and efficient workflow. We work with our clients and their growers to fully understand their unique business plan to deliver a secure and stable building that will allow them to achieve their business objectives.

Planning & Pre-Construction

Every project begins with extensive planning and pre-construction.  An efficient and realistic timeline is laid out, contractor and materials scheduling is planned, and any potential issues are dealt with.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient construction is always a major part in every project we are a part of. Being focused in New England it is of even more importance and we take extra measures to ensure highly efficient buildings. Our understanding of envelope design, mechanical systems, lighting design and humidity control assist in delivering an energy efficient operation to ensure product consistency and reduced operational costs.


Keeping up with the technology trends and looking ahead to the future is important with every build.

Codes & Permitting

Building for the Cannabis industry includes a special set of codes and permits. Our team has experience with working with the necessary permits and strictly following the building codes to ensure a high quality ,safe, and secure structure.

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