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We work with industry specific Architects and Designers with a proven track record of quality work.  Utilizing the same management team for both design and development, while not required, provides significant advantages. Working together every step of the way aids in aligning goals, identifying and improving strategies, defining scheduling and and budget/cost management; all the while eliminating potential obstacles and pitfalls

NPC&M is happy to work closely with your existing architect and designers or we can partner with one from our network that best fits your project. 

From Design to Completion
Managing Every Detail of Your Construction Project   

In-House CAD Services

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Industry-Specific Architects & Designers

When it’s time to remodel your office you need an experienced construction management team to orchestrate the many stages and pieces that make it all come together.  Proper management will ensure the project is done on schedule and within budget.   We are aware of the cost impact a project like this can have on the business and will work closely with you to minimize the impact on the business.

Budget & Cost Estimating

Once the scope is determined we can estimate costs and see how they align with the project budget.

Schedule and Execution Strategy

Bringing over 75 years of construction project experience to bear, we look to fully understand both the client’s project and business goals in alignment to best practices and efficiencies in construction to build the project in a way that prudent and cost effective.