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Construction for Restaurant & Food Services

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NPC&M has constructed and renovated 100+ restaurant and dining service facilities for major national brands and small single owner establishments.  We adhere to strict standards and are skilled at creating stylish inviting dining environments that match your restaurants branding and goals.  We deal with both front-of-house construction and kitchens, offices, and the rest of the back-of-house operations.

Let’s Hear About Your Project


We adhere to strict standards and are very accustomed to working with franchise branding and design plans.

Front of House Construction & Remodeling

Dining rooms, eating areas, food service counters, entrances, restrooms, signage & branding, lighting, systems installation

Kitchens & Equipment

Food Service Prep Areas, Kitchen construction, renovations, re-configurations, Equipment installations

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient construction is always a major part in every project we are a part of.  Being focused in New England it is of even more importance and we take extra measures to ensure highly efficient buildings.


Keeping up with the technology trends and looking ahead to the future is important with every build.

Codes & Permitting

Building for the restaurant industry includes a special set of codes and permits.  Our team has experience with obtaining the necessary permits and strictly following the building codes to ensure a high quality and safe structure.


Roche Brothers Supermarket

Bakery Relocation Interior Renovations E-Comm Expansion RB Roasters

Cosi Restaurants

Interior Renovation of 18 locations throughout the northeast New Location – Baltimore, MD