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Healthcare Facilities, Assisted Living Communities, and Medical Offices Buildings all require a unique set of construction elements, codes and technology infrastructure needed to support the day to day care and well -being of their clients and staff. Our understanding of the client’s business plan, their building program, and operational goals allow us to efficiently manage the entire scope of planning and construction to exceed their unique needs.

Experts in construction for the  Medical & Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Offices, Assisted Living, and Medical Offices all require a unique set of construction elements, codes and infrastructure needed to support the day to day activities and equipment.  Understanding the entire scope and critical building codes as well as staff and patients needs is necessary for a highly functional facility.

Medical Offices

New construction and building conversion for doctors offices and other healthcare offices.

Assisted Living Facilities

Building assisted living facilities for 2020 means providing a beautiful and comfortable living spaces that feel like home, while providing all the proper healthcare needs and infrastructure.   NPC&M is ready to manage the construction of your assisted living project

Planning & Pre-Construction

Every project begins with extensive planning and pre-construction.  An efficient and realistic timeline is laid out, contractor and materials scheduling is planned, and any potential issues are dealt with.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient construction is always a major part in every project we are a part of.  Being focused in New England it is of even more importance and we take extra measures to ensure highly efficient buildings.


Keeping up with the technology trends and looking ahead to the future is important with every build.

Codes & Permitting

Building for the healthcare industry includes a special set of codes and permits.  Our team has experience with obtaining the necessary permits and strictly following the building codes to ensure a high quality and safe structure.

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