Thorough and Knowledgeable Pre-Construction Is Essential for Controlling Costs, Scheduling, and Quality Construction

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Planning For Success Before Construction Begins

Proper Planning Reduces Construction Issues

Pre-construction is the proper planning that begins before any of the construction starts.  It serves several critical roles for both the construction team and the client.  It is where the ideas and goals are shared and plans put in place to turn them into designs. 

Knowledgeable and experienced construction managers carefully analyze the details to identify any potential issues that may occur. Budgets are set, estimations are done, timeline is laid out.  The overall feasibility will be determined and adjusted as necessary.

NPC&M has extensive experience and has completed countless projects ranging from small remodels, office construction, large industrial buildings and retail shopping buildings, cultivation growhouses, and more.   This experience ensures an accurate, efficient, and thorough pre-construction phase that will guarantee a successful project.

Pre-Construction, NPC&M

NPC&M   Pre-Construction Strategy Defining your project for success from Day One

Pre-Construction Services

  • Budgeting & Estimating
  • Construction Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Timeline, Subcontractor Scheduling, Target Dates
  • Materials Sourcing, Delivery Scheduling
  • Bid Preparation
  • MEP Analysis


By identifying any potential issues with constructions, engineering, permitting, and cost.

Budgeting & Cost Estimating

Once the scope is determined we can estimate costs and see how they align with the project budget.

Designs & Construction Plans

Taking the ideas and vision and putting them into designs.  We use industry specific designers who are skilled and experienced with your type of project.  We will work with your through the design phase as you see your vision begin to take shape.

Construction Plans

Following the completed designs, we will put together construction plans to determine the team and equipment needed as well as the materials and permitting.  The construction plans are detailed and precise so that each subcontractor can efficiently do their part delivering high quality work that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the construction.  There will be many subcontractors involved, framers, steelworkers, site preparation, electricians, plumbers, and more.

Determining Responsibilities

Clearly outlining which parties involved are responsible to provide what.  This includes the client, construction management team, subcontractors, and all involved.  This keeps everyone on track with deliverables and helps to keep the project timeline running smoothly.

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